Rebate management system

DealTrack rebate management software explained

DealTrack is a rebate management software solution that helps organisations manage complex trading agreements involving retrospective payments, such as rebates, retrospective discounts, royalties, purchase income and back margin.

DealTrack provides a structured rebate process to managing these types of agreements, including:

  • A library of trading agreements in a structured data format
  • Approval workflow for internal staff
  • Signoff workflow for trading partners
  • Online turnover submissions for trading partners
  • Import of transactional data from internal systems and trading partners
  • Calculation of retrospective income earned and payments due
  • Financial Accruals for retrospective earnings
  • Automatic invoicing of retrospective income payments due
  • Customer and Product level net margin calculations
  • Reporting and analysis, including year-on-year and category based reporting

DealTrack provides a full analysis and customisation service, which, along with our managed implementation, ensures that a DealTrack solution meets your needs and expectations.

How DealTrack can improve your company performance

How can DealTrack improve your company performance?

For case studies and statistics from our current clients already reaping the benefits of DealTrack's rebate management solution, read our whitepaper. Read on