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The DealTrack Effect


Increased control at the top

DealTrack ensures you have visibility of the retrospective income that affects your margins, allowing you to maximise investment and take better overall control of your business.

Easier planning for the future

DealTrack enables improved forecasting and increased agility to react to market conditions.

Position of strength

DealTrack ensures the Boardroom is run from a position of strength by delivering better profitability, tapping into hidden revenue, increasing competitiveness and reducing business risk.

Finance Dept.

Automate to accumulate

DealTrack creates possibilities for systems integration and automation; automatically calculated forecasts and accruals, automated invoicing and cash reconciliation against accruals.

Every penny counts

DealTrack delivers every penny you are due from your trading agreements by sending statements and invoices to your trading partners automatically in accordance with business agreements and trading activity.

Releasing the cash

DealTrack improves cashflow by reducing payment disputes and cost of borrowing while releasing cash for new business investment and operational improvements.

A place of certainty

DealTrack provides the finance department with greater certainty, keeping information on trading agreements accurate and up-to-date at all times, and allowing greater automation around forecasting and collecting retrospective income.

Sales and Marketing Dept.

Customer satisfaction and retention

DealTrack helps you to retain customers by releasing cash for new business investment and operational improvements that positively affect your customers’ experience.

Trading Dept.

Visible progress

DealTrack provides increased visibility of your day-to-day dealings through contract performance forecasts, actual vs forecast, brand performance, category performance, year-on-year analysis and margin analysis.

Increased proactivity

DealTrack delivers business insight that supports proactive purchasing decisions, maximising income from rebate agreements while providing better understanding of margins by product category, customer and supplier.

Better trading for all

DealTrack provides a better trading environment that improves partner relations, leading to better terms and more efficient administration of trading agreements.

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