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DealTrack onboarding

DealTrack rebate management software has been developed and is implemented by Enable, a leading developer of business software for companies in Building materials, wholesale distribution, Retail and Buying Groups. Leading companies such as Travis Perkins, Today's Group, Wolseley, Landmark and DCS Group all realised significant financial benefits and improvements in their supplier relationship management process through the implementation of DealTrack.

Enable has developed an implementation process which takes all stakeholders involved with the rebate process through a structured program in order to achieve a rapid return on investment.


Every organisation is different, and in order to make sure that you gain the expected benefit from DealTrack we undertake our Discovery stage.

During Discovery we look to understand how supplier agreements are drafted, approved and executed in your business. We understand the roles and relationships between the business functions involved — typically purchasing and finance but often including category management and sales.

We also seek to understand the types of deals that you enter into with your suppliers, usually looking at the most complex deal types. DealTrack has a comprehensive set of deal mechanisms built in, and we assess the fit between the standard library and your deals.

The Discovery stage takes between half a day and two days depending on the size and complexity of your organisation. Once we have undertaken the Discovery stage we can assess whether it would be possible to deploy DealTrack using pure configuration, or whether Consultancy is required. This will usually depend on the complexity of requirements and the level of integration required with other business systems.


DealTrack is a highly flexible software solution that can be adapted to meet the needs of many types of businesses.

This is achieved using configuration — essentially setting up the software using a series of switches and settings to correctly model your business structures, such as product hierarchy, branches, brands, members, suppliers and the approval hierarchy to sign-off deal, as well as the deal mechanisms and structures to model your trading agreements. DealTrack has many hundreds of settings and it is the job of our implementation team to configure the software to meet the needs of your particular business. Sometimes it is possible to achieve a DealTrack implementation with pure configuration. In other cases, the following additional services may be required.


Complexity exists in many organisations where there are a broad range of business systems, departments and ways of working.

When a business has grown by acquisition or has many legacy systems, processes and particularly complex deal structures, then our Consultancy services will ensure your organisation gets the most out of DealTrack by getting into more in-depth analysis of your business and IT landscape than can be achieved in the Discovery stage.

It's likely that both Enable and your IT function will need to carry out software services beyond the Configure stage to achieve integration between DealTrack and your data and full alignment with your business processes. Our consultants will help to agree the work that needs to be carried out and author clear specifications for the work.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of best practice methodologies for calculating, distributing, reporting and accruing rebate. Because clients are often transitioning the management of rebates from very dated legacy systems or even Excel spreadsheets there is often a need to design the business rules for how this needs to be implemented in your organisation – something that we assist many of our clients with.


In order to allow deals to be set-up, DealTrack needs access to master data and therefore ERP integration is a vital component of a successful implementation. As a minimum this usually includes details of suppliers, branches (or members) and products.

In addition, DealTrack needs access to the transactional data with which it can reconcile deals in order to calculate deal earnings. DealTrack can use a variety of transactional data, including: purchase invoices/orders, sales invoices/orders, and goods received notes. The exception to the above is in some organisations such as buying groups where this data does not exist within the business at the level of granularity needed, in which case it can be fed in by suppliers using DealTrack's supplier portal.

DealTrack includes a set of standard interfaces to bring in this data, as well as the supplier portal which can be used as the primary or secondary method for receiving transactional data. In our experience some organisations need assistance in bridging the interfaces they can make available to DealTrack's standard interfaces — something we can help to specify, build and test.

DealTrack integrates with major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. In addition it can pull in data from bespoke in-house systems so often found within wholesalers, builders merchants and buying groups.

DealTrack can interface with a range of leading BI tools including Business Objects, QlikView, Tableau as well as purchase-to-pay solutions such as Ariba, Fourth and Proactis.

Hosting and support

Enable offers a fully hosted and supported service. We partner with leading hosting providers such as Rackspace and Microsoft Windows Azure.

Enable is focussed on the long-term value created by DealTrack and will provide a comprehensive technical support service via our central Helpdesk facility.

  • A Helpdesk team available by telephone / email every business day, 52 weeks of the year between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00;
  • Weekly status update / planning phone calls;
  • Proactive application management, performance and error feed monitoring;
  • A committed level of responsiveness in the form of an agreed set of SLAs.

Software development

Custom modules to fit your organisation’s exact needs.

DealTrack is a product offered by Enable — one of the leading developers of business software in Building materials, wholesale distribution, Retail and Buying Groups.

Enable offers a software development service to build additional modules and functions unique to your business that seamlessly fit around the DealTrack core product. This is carried out in a way that ensures the core DealTrack product is not compromised, and ensuring compatibility with future DealTrack software releases.

The company has a professional services team of 40 staff and has grown revenues every year since its inception 19 years ago.

Enable is a Microsoft partner with the Application Development competency. Many of our software developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Our processes are UKAS certified for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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How DealTrack can improve your company performance

How can DealTrack improve your company performance?

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